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‘Commercialisation’ is all activity and revenue streams that fall outside of in-line shop units. Some call it Speciality Leasing whilst others call it Non-Core Revenue and even sometimes Common Area Management. We call it delivering robust financial returns whilst enhancing customer experience. Key forms of Commercialisation include:

Speciality Leasing: Long and short term mall kiosks, retail mall units (RMU), trading out and pop-up shops.

Brand Experience, Promotions & Events: Customer acquisition, research, testing, sampling, give-aways, product & consumer awareness, static and active displays and themed events.

General Income: Vending, car valet, cash machines, recycling, communications & technology.

Advertising: Standard and non-standard formats, internal and external, digital advertising, mobile phone applications, internet & website integration and large format.

Corporate & Brand Partnerships: Integrated path to purchase solutions, strategic alignment, contra and trade, sponsorship and long term partnerships.


Mall Solutions Europe provides commercialisation solutions to leading retail asset owners and property managers throughout the UK and Europe.

We provide innovative commercialisation management services by embedding commercialisation professionals into existing property management teams and by outsourcing to a central team of experienced commercialisation account managers.

We also consult on a wide range of projects, working with clients and key stakeholders to achieve tailored solutions that help them optimise the potential of their retail assets.

From speciality leasing, brand experience and promotions, through to advertising, events, pop up shops, corporate and brand partnerships, we take on all aspects of the commercialisation process.

Through our proactive and collaborative approach we have become a market leader in a short space of time, with a track record of expansion even in an uncertain economy.

Currently we have some £10 billion in assets under consultancy and management, with offices in London, Manchester, Basingstoke, Birmingham, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

Our success in 11 countries is founded on the skills and experience of a uniquely talented and qualified team, led by pioneers in the commercialisation of shopping malls in the UK.

The company also provides consultancy services to leading brand and media agencies.

All round, we are extremely well placed to help clients take advantage of the phenomenal growth in commercialisation that has become a key part of asset management in the UK since 2001.





our working process in 3 steps

The range of situations, assets, stakeholders, owners, customers, needs, demands, wants, requirements, managers, suppliers and interested parties in any commercialisation strategy is always varied. That’s why at Mall Solutions Europe we apply the same trusted approach we have been using for the last 10 years.

Understand you & the asset

Understand the situation & market

Deliver the results


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