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We are the retail industry’s most experienced commercialisation provider. Our property partners trust us and our team to deliver on their high expectations. To us that trust is everything, it makes us different, it is the difference that retains our clients and our reputation.

Our experience gives us an unrivalled perspective. Our clients rely on our advice, our strategic insight and our forecasts.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients say about us.


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Our Approach

Our business started life as a consultancy, and we still employ a consultative approach now – every new engagement begins with the development of a strategic plan.

1. Understand

Understanding the brief is key to delivering an optimal solution, beyond absorbing the desired objectives this is best achieved by assessing the historic, current and future commercial environment in any given property.

2. Innovate

Producing different results requires the introduction of change, innovating new ideas and strategies requires an unrivalled perspective on the market.

3. Deliver

Having the right strategy to deliver against required objectives is only part of the solution, having the right mix of experience and enthusiasm to deliver the strategy is essential. Our team combines experience with dynamism, both essential to delivering innovative solutions.

Case Studies



MSE were appointed in October 2014 by CBRE to optimise the commercial potential of their Milton Keynes centre and better align the strategy with overall centre:mk vision. An uplift in both income and aesthetical quality was targeted; by creating industry acclaimed kiosks whilst enhancing the overall shopper experience.


Following the implementation of a new onsite account management team there was a complete overhaul of the centre’s commercial strategy, this included: a review of all existing kiosks, increased brand engagement and the re-negotiation of the existing digital & large format media.


Since MSE commenced the management of commercialisation at cenre:mk, the asset has seen an increase of 27% in income over a 3-year period. With an annual budget now into the millions, the centre boasts multiple examples of kiosks being recognised by the industry awarding bodies. The new advertising agreement negotiated by MSE translated to a 91% uplift in guaranteed rent per annum.



Operating within the Moorgarth portfolio, the centre management of the Rutherglen shopping centre appointed MSE in 2016; wishing to increase the footfall and attract a wider range of operators whilst maintaining the community feel of the centre.


A dedicated account manager was assigned to the scheme who worked closely with the asset management to improve the quality of existing kiosks. A more consistent level of site occupancy was ensured by securing block bookings with clients and capitalising upon the number of short-term leases that existed prior to MSE’s appointment.


In less than 12 months, income has increased by 60% with footfall and dwell time also seeing a significant uplift. MSE were also able to successfully attract new operators to the centre.

Dolce Vita Tejo, Lisbon


A fantastic addition to MSE’s Portuguese operation: the company was appointed by Eurofund in August 2016 to better align the commercialisation of their Lisbon centre with the new owner’s vision and create one of the leading leisure and shopping outlets in the country.


MSE conducted a full commercialisation review, including an audit of all existing kiosks involving key stakeholders in order to develop a strategic plan for speciality leasing. Local designers were instructed, under the guidance of MSE to develop RMUs. Rental agreements were then renegotiated as a consequence of the aesthetic uplift, adding real value to the operator.


As a direct result of the strategy employed by MSE, the centre has benefited from an 55.8% increase in income owing to the increased aesthetical value of the scheme and sharp rise in footfall. In addition, 73.3% of long term kiosks are either new or have been significantly improved, as of November 2017.

Our Services

Our services have been honed over many years to best deliver against our clients’ needs, they are both efficient and scalable. Having said that though, we do love to innovate new solutions - so just tell us what you want to achieve?

Inhouse Commercialisation Managers

We firmly believe that commercialisation should be integrated with all other functions of property management, so the natural place to be managing a centre’s commercialisation is from within the centre itself. We embed our commercialisations people in centre management teams so they integrate and best understand the commercial environment in and around the centre.

Outsourced Commercialisation Management

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be remote and impersonal, your account manager will be your single point of contact, dedicated to meeting your objectives and visiting your centre to manage onsite commercialisation operators, engage with your team and source local businesses to bring in to your malls spaces.

Commercialisation Department Solutions

Developing your own commercialisation department can be costly and complex, investing in the right mix of diverse experience and skills in a specialist discipline is risky. If you have more than one property asset to commercialise then a departmental approach will yield the best results. We have created entire dedicated teams for clients to act under your instruction, utilising our skills and experience to deliver your objectives.

Consultancy Services

We have been advising clients on commercialisation strategy in the UK and across Europe for many years, this has helped us build our unrivalled commercial perspective. Our consultancy business is still thriving, advising clients on how to meet their commercialisation objectives, or future proofing their assets in development, or using our market knowledge to negotiate the best deals from key commercialisation suppliers.